NASA’s High Mountain Asia Team

Collaborative research to study cryospheric changes

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What we do

… and how we do it

Some of the questions that guide our research:

  1. What is driving changes in hydrology and cryosphere in the High Asia region?
  2. What range of possible impacts on local stakeholders can we expect in the future?

In our research, we use satellite data, model simulations and field data to assess the changing hydrology and cryosphere of the High Mountain Asia region.

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Model Validation and Data Assimilation

Optimizing and standardizing model evaluation and assimilation techniques


Changes in the High Mountain Asia Cryosphere in response to climate change

Water Budget – Processes

Closing the water budget in High Mountain Asia


Glacier development in continental climate regions of central Asia

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Rapid worldwide growth of glacial lakes since 1990

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Seismic observations, numerical modeling, and geomorphic analysis of a glacier lake outburst flood in the Himalayas

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